NELSON, B.C. — The Internet empowers people to communicate as never before, says a Canadian college teacher, but the clamor for attention means most messages go nowhere because the people relaying them lack relevant knowledge and skills.

Author and business communication specialist Steve Bareham, a marketing instructor at Selkirk College, says eBook authors and bloggers who are trying to earn livings, face millions of competitors.

“The law of big numbers dictates that very few will succeed. It’s an odd paradox that we can literally reach out to the world in minutes with an online post, but shooting blind into cyberspace is frustrating, pointless and even damaging. We’ve never had such enormous soap boxes, but we’re all talking at once, so very few get heard.”

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Bareham says revolutionary eBook technology and retail eBook stores have created a huge new wave of people flooding online to sell their wares. “Most are competent writers, and the draw to get published quickly and easily and for free is alluring. But few of these writers are skilled online marketers and without the second skillset, finding large reader audiences isn’t likely. Millions of eBook authors are banging their heads against walls and spending promotional dollars fruitlessly as they try to get noticed. It’s not easy getting noticed when Amazon, alone, lists 10 million books!

“My point isn’t that people should succumb to helplessness; effective communication is fantastic. My point is that if we have to communicate online, we should know how to do it well.”

Solutions offered

He says three knowledge areas are crucial to succeed. Authors must know how to:

  1. think critically
  2. target and segment, and
  3. use viral leveraging to spread message fan out.”

He recently released two eBooks to help web communicators get messages out effectively: eBook Author Success Guide, and Think Well & Prosper. The eBook Author Success Guide will be available for free download Aug. 4-5 through Amazon.com.

“Publishing might not seem connected to critical thinking, but use of good cognitive process has never been more important. Communicators and marketers must understand interpretation, analysis, reasoning, inference, logic, and synthesis in order to assemble and implement a marketing plan. Most people think they understand what those six thinking words mean, but I can testify that the majority do not. Their real meanings and applications are not taught in 99 per cent of schools, and if people don’t know what they mean, they don’t know how to do them.

“Critical thinking and good analytical skills lead into targeting and segmentation, both crucial to avoid wasting time and money. Without these, authors will market shotgun fashion which is inefficient. And viral leveraging is vital because few of us can reach enough people; we need others to help spread our message.

“Just a couple of days focusing on the right knowledge and skills can spell the difference between surviving or drowning. Surviving is better, and knowledge is the lifejacket. Like everything else our hyper-competitive species does, unprepared people will end up as disenfranchised, ill-equipped victims at the bottom of the communication food chain.”

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