Thinking Skills & Processes Questionnaire

NOTE: The following questionnaire does not seek “right” or “wrong” answers. Its purpose is to gauge your knowledge of the skills and processes you employ to think. Answer questions as completely as possible; the goal is to give a full account of your understanding of concepts. Feel free to use dictionaries and/or other reference books.

1. What is your understanding of the words “reason” and “reasonable?”

2. What do you do when you draw inferences?

3. What do you do when you analyze something?

4. What does someone do to synthesize a collection of information?

5. What is required for someone to be logical?

6. What process do you employ when called upon to exercise good judgment?

7. What steps or systems do you employ to solve problems?

8. What steps or systems do you use to make good decisions?

9. What role do questions play in your thinking process?

10. The ability to multi-task is valued in most workplaces. When/if called upon to multi-task, how do you approach the challenge of overlapping job responsibilities?

11. Creativity is also valued in the workplace because it enables organizations to achieve goals in new and better ways. When/if you are called upon to get creative and/or to evolve existing ideas and approaches, what do you do?

12. People tend to see language as something we use when we write or speak, but we also use language when we talk to ourselves (subvocalize). Do you think that having a large vocabulary has any effect on how well people can approach thinking challenges? Similarly, do you think a limited vocabulary can limit thinking abilities?

If you didn’t know how to answer any question, that suggests an area in need of study IF you wish to boost your critical thinking skills and knowledge.

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